Dentistry in the age of COVID

As dental providers we know visiting the dentist during this time of uncertainty in the age of COVID-19 raises many questions. To help ease any uncertainty about visiting the dentist during this time of our lives, we have compiled a list of common questions regarding treatment, care, and what to expect when you visit the dentist. We hope this aids our patients, current or new, in feeling confident in adding a dental visit to your “lists of doctor’s visits.” After all, regular visits to the dentist to maintain good oral health is imperative to good overall health.

Is it safe to come to the dentist now?

YES! It is absolutely safe to visit your dental provider! At Prairie Village Dentists, we have gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep our patients and our staff safe. The equipment and supplies we have invested in have been shown in medical studies to aid us in keeping our office safe so we can remain open, run smoothly, and provide the best dental care to our patients.

We made it our priority to invest in and stock our practice with personal protective equipment (PPE) so we could open safely, after being closed for seven weeks due to the mandatory shutdown at the start of the pandemic. Our supply of PPE gear keeps us up and running smoothly. Our gear consists of PPE gowns, N95 face masks, gloves, and face shields.

As for our patients, if you have visited us since we opened in May, you already know when scheduling appointments we screen everyone for any travel you may have taken or if you are experiencing any COVID or symptomatic exposure. Upon entry into our office, we take your temperature and check your oxygen levels using our pulse oximeter. Wearing a mask the entire time you are in the office is required (of course except when you are in the dental chair) and to maintain social distancing, we limit the number of patients allowed in our waiting room.

HEPA filters

Studies have shown air purifiers with HEPA filtration can aid in capturing the air particles that contain the virus. At Prairie Village Dentist we have invested in 10 filters office-wide in order to have one running next to each hygienist chair, Dr. Grant and Dr. Reichman’s chairs, as well as in our front office/lobby area. The filters are cleaned and disinfected frequently. They run continuously throughout the day and over the weekend.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)

This hospital-grade disinfectant is FDA and USDA-approved. This nontoxic and environmentally friendly disinfectant is safe for us to use but is lethal when it comes to killing known bacteria and viruses.

Prairie Village Dentists made the conscious decision to invest in this product that is already being used in large hospitals, food processing, agriculture, etc. According to KC Biologics, “When salt water is electrolyzed, it produces an anolyte solution that consists of 99.3% water, chloride salt, and Hypochlorous Acid.”

When you visit our office, you will see us disinfecting our lobby chairs, and each individual operatory and dental chair with this solution. We clean and disinfect before AND after each patient.

Has anyone contracted the COVID-19 virus after visiting the dentist?

Currently, with the precautions and protocol in place, while visiting the dentist, there are no known cases of patients contracting COVID at the dentist’s office. Yes, the virus particles are airborne but with the steps such as HEPA filters and our HOCL spray, PPE gear, and investment in, extra fine filters in our building’s HVAC filters, we are able to trap any potentially infective particles and continue to practice dentistry in a safe environment.

We strive to make our patients feel safe. Those who have visited us despite previous hesitations have provided positive feedback about the steps we have taken to keep them safe.

Remember dental health is important to your overall health. Stay safe and healthy Prairie Village!