CariFree Cavity Prevention

Cavities are common dental problems in children and adults. Contrary to popular belief, tooth decay is not caused by poor oral hygiene alone. Diet and the concentration of bacteria in your mouth are also important factors that determine who gets cavities and who doesn’t. Some people have more cavity-causing bacteria in their mouth, and are thus more susceptible to tooth decay. Prairie Village, KS dentist Dr. Smith offers extensive cavity detection and prevention through the CariFree program. As part of our hygiene services, this system aims to eliminate the cause of cavities and treat small problems before they become big ones.

The CariFree System

Evaluation starts with the CariScreen procedure. The whole thing is completely painless and is over in about a minute. Dr. Smith will rub a few teeth with a swab and place the swab in a meter that shows the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. It also shows your risk of getting cavities: low, moderate or high. Dr. Smith will then recommend custom strategies to control bacteria and treat existing cavities.

In general, low-risk patients receive oral hygiene instruction and annual dental visits. For patients with moderate risk of developing cavities, Dr. Smith recommends fluoride varnish and rinses, dental appointments twice a year and oral hygiene instruction. For high-risk patients, treatment may include restoration of decayed teeth with fillings or crowns, fluoride varnish and rinses, and dental appointments every three months.

Promoting Healthy Teeth

Comprehensive assessment and treatment tailored to your risk level are better ways to keep your teeth healthy for life, instead of simply treating symptoms and filling cavities.

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