Advanced Technology

Modern dentistry and cutting-edge care mean better patient experiences. Dr. Smith has invested in advanced technology to make procedures faster, more efficient and more comfortable. We have digital X-rays, soft tissue laser, pain-free local anesthetic delivery, and advanced cavity detection.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays produce very low radiation (up to 90% less radiation than regular X-rays), making them the safest way to diagnose oral problems. Digital X-ray images can also be stored easily, transmitted electronically and enhanced for emphasis. Just like any digital image, your dentist can bump up the contrast and enlarge certain areas.

CariFree Anti-Cavity System

Sometimes, early decay does not show up on X-rays. To detect invisible cavities and prevent them from occurring, your Prairie Village, KS dentist uses the CariFree system and DIAGNOdent laser to determine your risk for developing cavities and create a custom treatment plan.

DEXIS Transilluminator

The Dexis CariVu transilluminator is a slim wand that easily detects cavities and tooth fractures. This radiation-free device can sometimes spot cavities earlier than standard X-rays. Besides scanning your teeth, Dr. Smith can also test your saliva for bacterial activity and ph level.

DentalVibe Pain-Free Injections

DentalVibe makes local anesthetic delivery completely pain-free. DentalVibe is a small wand-like device that uses vibration to block pain sensations when the local is being injected. Even if you’re fine with needles, DentalVibe helps local anesthetic spread quickly and evenly.

Soft Tissue Laser

Your dentist in Prairie Village uses soft tissue laser for frenectomies, gingivectomies and gum reshaping. A frenectomy removes the band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth and the upper lip to the upper gums. A gingivectomy removes diseased gum tissue and reshapes the gums so they fit tightly around the tooth.

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