General Dentist

Prairie Village dentist Dr. Smith performs a wide range of treatments under one roof: X-rays and exams, teeth cleaning, cavity risk assessment, fillings and restoration, whitening and smile makeovers, gum disease treatment, and teeth replacement.

Cavity Detection and Treatment

We are probably the only clinic that spends 70 minutes on checkups and cleaning. Dr. Smith uses the time for comprehensive diagnosis and prevention (including caries risk assessment), things that are often overlooked in a rush to get the teeth cleaned.

Dr. Smith uses the CariFree system to target the cause of cavities, prevent decay and treat problems early. Dr. Smith will swab a few teeth and place the swab in the meter to determine the level of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Dr. Smith will then create a custom treatment plan that addresses your risk of developing cavities (low, moderate or high).

Tooth Repair and Restoration

Dr. Smith treats cavities and damaged teeth with fillings, inlays/onlays and crowns. We have cosmetic white fillings, glass ionomer fillings for patients who hate plastic in their mouths, cast gold for strength and durability, and traditional amalgam fillings.

Teeth Replacement

For missing teeth, Dr. Smith offers bridges, partial and complete dentures and implant restorations. Bridges are fixed appliances that fill gaps in your mouth, while complete dentures are removable or fixed devices that replace several missing teeth. Dr. Smith also restores dental implants after placement and healing.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Mild gum disease can be reversed by professional teeth cleaning and proper oral hygiene, while advanced gum disease can be treated with deep cleaning (root scaling and planing), antibiotics and mouth rinses. In the most extreme cases, Dr. Smith may recommend gingivectomies, a procedure they can perform right in our office.

Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Smith offers cosmetic dental teeth whitening, bonding and Snap-On Smile orthodontics to improve your smile’s appearance. If you have a concern about how your smile looks, let the doctors at Prairie Valley Dentists know so they can evaluate your smile and recommend the best treatment to get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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