Know Your Cavity Risk and Take Actions

The key to cavity prevention is understanding the risks. How can you protect yourself from something until you genuinely understand it? We believe this is especially true when it comes to matter of oral health. We are all trying to protect ourselves from decay and infection, but that fight looks different for every person. Here at Prairie Village, we give you the information you need to protect your teeth efficiently by using a system called CariFree.

In most offices around the world, patients are treated the same. All patients receive the same protocol, and they don’t realize that what is right for one member of their family will not be right for another. We all have unique aspects about our smiles that require unique care, and CariFree allows us to find those unique aspects by assessing your risk factors for decay through a written survey, discussion with us, and an oral bacteria assessment.

With the Results

Once we study your CariFree information, we will work to get your smile the best care. Some smiles have a very low risk for decay. We might tell these patients to continue what they are doing and to only come in once a year. Others are at the opposite end of the spectrum and need to come in every 3 months. In addition to that, we give these patients extra cleaning products and rinses to lower the risk of decay. We also might even recommend lifestyle changes. There are all sorts of patients between these two ends of the spectrum who will see a personalized oral health plan.

We do all of this to improve your oral health. By better understanding what you are up against, you can focus on the measures you need and forget about the rest! Contact us today to set up an appointment. We can’t wait to get started with your CariFree evaluation and find out what YOUR smile needs!