Prevent Problems Before They Begin This School Year

As we say goodbye to summer and send our kids out the front door with backpacks, notebooks, and pencils galore. We hope that you’ve done everything you can to help prepare your student for a stellar school year! One way to do that is to prepare your child’s smile in the best way possible. We have some tips and tricks to help you prevent dental issues before they occur!

1) Select Brain (and Smile) Food
We all know that some foods are better for your child’s overall health, but have you considered snacks that are better for the smile? Children are highly susceptible to decay, and a good diet is one key to prevention. Crisp, crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meat and cheeses are great snacks and lunch items. Encourage your child to skip soda and juice and go for milk or water!

2) Encourage a Healthy Dental Routine
All too often we tend to squeeze flossing and brushing between all the other things we have going on in the evening. This school year, try to set aside plenty of time to really work on oral hygiene techniques with your student. You will both benefit from a healthier mouth and good habit building!

3) Consider Sealants and Fluoride at Your Next Appointment
Sometimes students really struggle with cavities. We recommend fluoride treatments and sometimes dental sealants for students. These tools give a boost of protection to struggling teeth and help your child stay away from the laughing gas!

Help your child prepare for a new season by lining up a plan to take better care of those smiles this school year! The switch in routine is a great time to implement new ideas and habits. Contact us to set up an exam and cleaning for your student! We’d love to help you get that smile ready to hit the halls!