The Color of Your Filling Matters

If going to the dentist has been a part of your life for most of your life, you are probably one of the 75% of Americans who got a cavity by the time they reached 17 years of age. Most of the cavities you’ve had filled probably look like black holes in your mouth from the amalgam filling commonly used in dental offices around the world. For many reasons, we now offer composite material fillings, because the color of your filling really matters.

The color by itself isn’t the concern, but rather the materials that make your filling a certain color. Dark silver, metallic fillings are made of a mixture of metals and mercury. Dentists used this material because it is cheap and strong. However, they didn’t realize that these fillings would weaken the tooth, leak, and possibly allow mercury to enter the bloodstream. A new filling material is gaining popularity: composite resin fillings.

The Composite Advantage

Composite resin is a bonding material that we can make fit any color tooth. We layer the material into the tooth, allowing each layer to dry. The end result is a filling that will match the color of your teeth and will hold your tooth together. Composite resin strengthens teeth rather than weakening them, and the aesthetic difference is astounding. No one will even know you had dental work done!

Don’t add any more shrapnel to your smile. Instead, look into composite resin as a filling solution that will work for your tooth instead of against it. Contact us today to set up a routine appointment and cleaning. Should you end up needing a cavity filled, ask us about composite resin fillings!