The End of Your Filling

Research shows that a vast majority of us had at least one cavity filled by the time we graduated from high school. Most of us probably had more than one filling by that point, but the point is still the same: we got fillings as children. We need fillings to restore our teeth when decay begins to cause damage, but we don’t always realize that there will be an end to those fillings at some point.

In the beginning, they’re great! Our tooth is completely restored back to it’s original functionality. From there we go on trying to take better care of our teeth. Then a day comes when we notice a pain or the dentist sees a leak. The filling is beginning to fail. Your tooth (especially regarding large fillings) has grown weak over time, and it isn’t sealed against it any longer. The result is a broken down tooth that needs a repair quickly.

Repairing Failed Fillings

Failed fillings need to be repaired quickly. The filling is protecting the sensitive inside of your tooth from damage. If the filling is leaking or falls out entirely, your tooth is unprotected against bacteria. This can lead to deep decay, sensitivity, or an infection, which will require a root canal. Depending on the size of your failed filling, we will replace the filling with new material. We also might seal the entire tooth using a crown.

A filling is a very important restoration for your smile. It needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it is still functioning properly.  Contact us today to set up your next appointment. That way we can check your fillings to make sure everything is as it should be!