Our Office – Our Family

In this day and age, longevity in a job is almost unheard of. Current day careers are a series of job positions, making your way up the ladder by going where the money and higher positions are located.

In this office, our “family” of people at Prairie Village Dentists, longevity is a standard. This long-standing practice has been built on and by people who have made their lives a part of this practice. Sherry, the Office Manager, started working back in 1979, when Dr. Bob was still a young dentist. Next came Carol, our Lab Tech. She began her career here in 1986. Our hygienists, Sue began in ’87, Theresa in ’91 and Diane in ’92. Gradually Theresa transitioned to the front desk after many years of hygiene.

Dr. Grant started seeing patients in 2003, after graduating from Dental School. Dr. Grant has really been a part of the practice his entire life. Dr. Bob brought him in the office before he could walk and he grew up right here with all these wonderful women. He practiced alongside Dr. Bob for many years until Dr. Bob retired.

I, Maria, came along full time in 2010. I had worked for Dr. Grant as a “temp” just 2 years prior. Melissa started as a hygienist as well in 2010. She has also transitioned to doing Social Media, Marketing, and the front desk. Nadia, Dr. Grant’s 2ndassistant, started right out of dental assistant’s school in the beginning of 2017. Jennifer, another of our hygienists, also started in mid 2017.

We have seen other staff members stay many years – but the staff that remains is like family. We work together daily, do things together as a “team” and are also involved in each other’s lives in other ways.

It’s an amazing journey of love, loyalty and trust with these staff members. This is our office, our practice, our family. I’ve never been so proud to be a part of such a truly amazing group of caring people. Here’s to 20 more years!!