Christmas came early this year! We here at Prairie Village Dentists got an amazing gift from all of you… you voted us a “2021 Neighborhood Favorite” on Nextdoor! AGAIN! (cue the horns, clapping, and whistling ; )

In all seriousness, (which is not our standard fare) we’ve been thinking about what it is exactly that makes you all notice and recognize us as being such a special place. Possibly because:

  1. All of the changes that we’ve seen in dentistry over the years and stepping up to the plate to adapt when it’s the right thing to do
  2. Treating you, our patients, with the care and respect that you deserve
  3. And of course, the humor around these parts is unparalleled!

All of those things are noteworthy to have in any business. However, upon further thought about recognizing our value, I believe that at the heart of the matter lies a family. We spend more time and give more attention to the people we work with than we spend at home. When we come to work every day, we actually look forward to seeing the people we work with! We care about each other and what we’re dealing with in our own lives and strive to make each other’s world a better place to be. This is our home. Our family. When we open our doors for you, we view you as our dinner guest. We are your gracious host. We entertain you while we get down to the business of eating dinner (aka, doing the business of dentistry!). Our skills as your “host” would fall short if our house and family didn’t truly care about each other.

Please give me your insight if you have a different perspective… for now, I’ll continue to believe that it’s our heart for each other that creates the “glow” for which our office is known.