Do You Use Your Dental Insurance Wisely?

Do you use your dental insurance wisely? Most of our patients don’t because they don’t really understand how dental insurance works. It’s not like the other insurances you buy, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

In order to really take full advantage of the money you are paying for dental insurance, you have to plan ahead, and that means taking the time to work with us on your future smile goals.

You see, we want to see you use your money, and we can help you plan your treatment throughout a year so that you spend very little out of pocket but use the money provided in your insurance policy!

How Dental Insurance Works

If you are like most, you have car, home, and health insurance set up for yourself and your family. You know that if there is an emergency, you will have a set deductible and copay, but you will be able to get what you need to repair or heal the problem without paying the enormous bill out of pocket. That’s what these types of insurance are made for: emergencies.

Dental insurance doesn’t work that way. You buy dental insurance so that your family can get the preventive care they need each and every year. It will also pay a percentage of any necessary work. Some plans even chip in for cosmetic work, but that’s not always the case.

You need routine dental care, but most families cannot afford to pay for that routine care, along with any other treatment that is needed, out of pocket. Dental insurance makes it possible. With your monthly fee, you get a certain amount of care. The question is: are you getting the care you’ve already paid for?

If you have dental insurance but don’t see a dentist every six months, you are losing money. So, how do you take advantage of your own insurance?

Know Your Plan

The first step is to know your dental insurance plan. Sit down and actually read what is available to you! If you have trouble understanding what the documents say, we are here to help! We’ve read hundreds of these plans, and we can help you understand EXACTLY what you’re entitled to.

The “Trick” of Smart Planning

Aside from knowing what’s available to you in your plan, you need to know when to take advantage of that plan. You know that you’ll get your preventive care, but what about actual work that you need done? What about work that you want done?

Scheduling is very important! Once we understand the provisions and limitations from your insurance plan, we can help you plan your treatment so that you don’t pay out of pocket. We want to use your dental insurance for your benefit, so we will creatively schedule your work. Your dental work can coincide with your dental insurance so that we don’t go over your limitations, but we take full advantage of what’s offered to you!

Let’s Get to Work

We aren’t going to make this difficult for you! We just want you to be at ease with your dental work, and we want you to realize that your dental insurance could be working for you a lot more.

Contact us today to learn more about the dental insurance puzzle. It can be confusing, but we can help! You deserve to take advantage of every cent that you’re putting in, and we would love to see that happen! Let’s make 2015 the year that you actually get your money’s worth from your dental insurance!