The Best Foods For Your Teeth

general dentistThere are a lot of things stopping people from having healthy, dazzling white smiles. The biggest problem, however, is a general lack of awareness. Fear of the dentist, or Odontophobia, is a clinical disorder and still exists largely because some patients do not realize that dental procedures today are more likely to use digital imaging and lasers than drills and sharp, metal instruments. Others still need a general dentist to tell them that it is absolutely critical to brush and floss daily.

There are some things that Americans may not know that are not altogether obvious. When it comes to oral and dental health, there are some foods that are better than others. What are the best foods for your teeth?

Follow This General Rule Of Thumb
Are you worried about what foods may or may not stain your teeth? Professional teeth whitening dentists have a simple tip. You can easily pick out foods that will stain teeth by asking the question, “Would this stain a light-colored shirt?” If the answer is yes, chances are these foods will stain your teeth, too. That doesn’t necessary mean that you have to swear off blueberries forever. Eat foods that may stain teeth in moderation, see a local dentist for professional cleanings at least twice per year, and ask the best dentists about whitening kits that you can use at home.

The Best Food For Your Gums
Periodontal disease is a problem — and it’s getting markedly worse. Eat fruits and vegetables high in fiber, like broccoli, to prevent inflammation. Similarly, pineapple contains natural compounds that act as an anti-inflammatory agent. The best thing to do — and the thing that you can do just about anywhere — is to drink plenty of water. Water flushes out residual food and drink particles, reducing the likelihood of gum infections and/or inflammation.

Remember, the food we eat and the beverages we drink can have a direct impact on our dental and oral health. Avoid foods that will stain teeth, eat foods high in fiber for healthy gums, and talk to general dentists for more information.