Knowing the Oral Health Risks Associated with Diabetes

Diabetes diagnoses continue to grow in number in the United States. We hear about it on the news all the time, and we all family members or friends who are living with this condition right now. Diabetes is one of those conditions that will affect every part of the body, including your oral health. By understanding the risks and taking appropriate precautions, a diabetic patient can turn his attention to other things.

Risk 1
The top risk for diabetic patients is gum disease. Diabetes lowers the ability to resist infections, which means that a gingivitis infection is much more likely to occur. It is also more likely to be a quick moving infection. In order to prevent this from happening, diabetic patients must be vigilant when it comes to caring for their teeth. Flossing, brushing, and using a good mouth rinse have never been more important!

Risk 2
The second risk patients need to be aware of is that of decay. We are all at risk for decay, but diabetic patients who are taking prescription medications are at an increased risk of decay. Prescription medications can cause dry mouth symptoms, which in turn makes it more difficult for saliva to remove food particles from your mouth, making decay more prevalent. Stay hydrated and talk with your doctor about possibly switching your medications to something that is easier on your smile.

When you are living with diabetes, there are many things on your mind all of the time. You have a full plate, and your oral health is a part of that. Take care of your teeth each and every day, and enjoy a healthy smile! Contact us today to set up an appointment to learn more. We would love to see you soon!