The Important Role of the Humble Filling

Eighty percent of us had a filling before we graduated from high school. Most of us had several by that point, and some of us probably had to have a tooth pulled by that point due to decay! The more sugar we add to our diet, the most likely it is that we will continue to see these numbers growing and growing. Decay is a serious problem in our country, and we rely heavily on one simple tool to stop the spread of decay in a tooth: a filling.

Let’s first talk about what’s going on in your tooth that requires a filling in the first place. We know that the best way to prevent cavities is to brush and floss our teeth, right? The reason we do this is to remove food and bacteria from our chewing surfaces. Bacteria feed on food particles, which creates acid. That acid eats through our tooth enamel, causing decay. If left along, that decay will continue to spread until the tooth is no longer viable.

The Humble Filling

In order to stop the spread of decay, we rely on fillings. We begin by removing the area that has been decayed. This is called a cavity. We then use composite material to fill in the empty area of the tooth, creating the filling. The strength of the tooth is restored, and the bacteria causing the decay are gone. Cavities can be very small, or very big depending on how long the decay has been growing.

Don’t underestimate the power of a filling. That small bit of material can save your tooth’s life, and there is nothing more powerful than that! Contact us today to set up your next exam and cleaning appointment. We’d love to see you soon and help you prevent decay in your own mouth!