Making Plans for a Smile-Filled Halloween

Halloween is made up of three basic kinds of people. The first is children of course, who enjoy dressing up in costumes and collecting candy. The second is the parents who walk behind their children, keeping them safe and helping them remember their manners. The third is the person waiting behind the door to pass out candy. Halloween is a lot of fun, but there are definitely some oral health risks involved.

What You Can Do From the Candy Bowl
If you are passing out candy, consider selecting candy that is safer for those little smiles. Try to select candy that is easy to brush away. Avoid sticky candy like caramel, taffy, filled suckers, and fruit chews. You don’t have to pass out toothbrushes, but try to be considerate of those little smiles you love to see.

What You Can Do As the Parent
If you are walking your kids through the neighborhood, there are some things you can do to protect their smiles. The first is to make sure they are drinking plenty of water to increase saliva production and rinse any candy from their mouths while you walk. You can also set realistic limits to how much candy your child will eat, and help them floss and brush upon returning home.

Halloween should be a fun night for all! Contact us if you have questions about keeping your favorite smiles safe, but otherwise just have a wonderful, safe night! From all of us here at the office, we wish you and your family a Happy Halloween!